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Hello, my name is Koshy O. Thomas, and I am running for New York City Council for District 23, Queens. I am a Law Graduate, husband, a father, a Queens resident for 28 years, and a small business associate. I’ve been involved with grassroots organizations of multiple political campaigns for almost 20 years. I’ve talked to thousands of everyday New Yorkers and I understand the type of governance and leadership that New Yorkers need.
I am running because, TOGETHER, we can help Queens progress during these hard times. We were hit the hardest by COVID-19 and unfortunately, have lost so many lives within the last year. We’ve lost jobs, homes, and small businesses. Close to 40% of the businesses in NYC are on the verge of being closed in the next few months. We will still not give up. 
Along with improving healthcare, housing, education and public transit, I will fight to implement a tax credit of a THOUSAND DOLLARS for all homeowners and a tax rebate of TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS for all small business owners. We will accomplish this by fighting to enact stricter enforcement on fraudulent tax evading large corporations to pay their fair share.
I won’t hesitate even a moment to work towards and implement the bold and progressive ideas that are required to rebuild our crumbling economy. We will fight on for the loved ones we have lost, for those who are still suffering, and we look on to a future of hope and prosperity. The journey may not be easy, but the fight is worth it for a better tomorrow. New Yorkers deserve that.